March 5 Election

The March 5th Election

The March 5th California Democratic Primary Election ballot will list  Democratic candidates for President, the state assembly,  state senate, and the US Senate.  It will also list candidates for the San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee (SMCDCC or SMCDEM).  SMCDEM members are elected by county supervisorial district.  If you live in Redwood City, East Palo Alto, North Fair Oaks, or Menlo Park (east of El Camino Real), you are in County Supervisorial District 4, and your current supervisor is Warren Slocum -            and you can vote for Karen Maki.


The  SMCDEM or San Mateo County Democratic Party represents the California Democratic Party within San Mateo County.  It's main role is to endorse good Democratic candidates for city councils and school boards and help endorsed candidates get elected.  SMCDEM also promotes Democratic values in other ways such as passing resolutions in support of state legislation, county or city actions - which align with Democratic values.   You can find a a complete list of  resolutions passed in the last three years here

SMCDEM is currently working on endorsements for the San Mateo County Supervisorial races in districts 1 and 4.  These races will also be on the March 5th ballot.  The endorsement decision will be made at the January 18, 2024 San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee Meeting.